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Electrical installation condition report (EICR)

The Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR), previously known as the Periodic Inspection Report (PIR), is often referred to as the 'landlords electrical certificate' or 'electrical safety certificate' and is necessary because all electrical installations deteriorate over time due to a number of factors, including damage, wear, tear, corrosion, excessive electrical loading, ageing and environmental influences.

Also, the rules and regulations for electrical installations change over the years and what was once deemed safe may no longer by the case, i.e. RCD protection. And unfortunately in many cases, alterations are made to electrical installations by unqualified persons which are far from safe, unknown to the present owner.

Consequently, The Health & Safety Act requires that electrical installations are maintained in a safe condition and therefore must have a current Periodic Inspection Report.

Licensing authorities, public bodies, insurance companies, mortgage lenders and governing bodies may require proof that your property or business is electrically sound and request a current up to date Periodic Inspection Report.


Visual inspections


Earth bond tests


Insulation-resitstance tests


Flash testing


Load tests


Earth-leakage tests


Functional checks


PAT testing

Portable appliance testing is a legal requirement for all businesses, large and small. PAT testing is simply a process by which electrical appliances are routinely checked to see whether they are safe. The Health & Safety at Work Act (1974) places such an obligation in the following circumstances:

  1. Where appliances are used by employees.
  2. Where the public may use appliances in establishments such as hospitals, schools, hotels, shops, housing tenants, etc.
  3. Where appliances are supplied or hired.
  4. Where appliances are repaired or serviced.

The PAT test is an important verification tool. The whole process is known as in-service inspection and testing of electrical equipment. This routine check of all electrical appliances ensures that all your electrical installations meet the strictest safety requirements.